That one time I went swimming in a snake-infested river pond.
Three First Names

Hey, we chatted in Omegle a ways back. How are you doing?

Yeah, hey! That was an infamous night, so I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I’m good! How’s life?

@b-r-o-k-e-n—w-i-n-g-s I meant to answer this privately, but oh well.

I keep wanting to rush ahead to where I want to be, but then I remember that it’s right now that defines how much I’ll appreciate it when I’m finally there.

West Elm
West Elm
~   Ruby Tandoh (Great British Bake Off Runner Up) (via aconits)

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Hmm looks familiar.

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My problem is that I get a very specific picture in my head of what I want style-wise and forget that money IS an object in my case.

Three First Names
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