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Portland Please | Local Wanderer

^ this is actually a very good guide to some great places to see in Portland

Dream car.


I’m not a misandrist, but a few quick questions:

If men can’t even make their own sandwiches, why are they allowed to make bills in congress?

If men can’t control their own sexual urges, why are they allowed to control nations?

If a woman’s legs/shoulders are enough to distract a man, how can we trust them to stay focused on things like open heart surgery or judging a murder trial?

Again not a misandrist, some of my best friends are guys and i’m even dating one.

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Hailey Golich

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"God is greater than the highs and lows" 
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mickeyphoenix I got a few cuts from the deal, but I also got these S’mores Hand Pies so I’m pretty happy overall. (:
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It’s all fun and games until a glass explodes in your hand and you’re still picking shards out of your hair an hour later.

Ohanapecosh morning light.

A few of my favourite things. Wallet by RUKI-KRYKI. Completely Handmade from cow hide in Barnaul, Russia.  
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Tara Hurst Design
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Lake Louise Cabin by R Wethereyet
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Mandarin and lemon cake with cream cheese frosting » Twigg Studios
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Blouse. Jeans. Shoes.
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Of courseeee his flight is delayed.

Opaque  by  andbamnan